Terms and Conditions


VACCINATIONS.  Cats will not be accepted without an up to date Vaccination Certificate and must be immunized against Cat Flu, Feline Enteritis and preferably Feline Leukaemia.
Please ensure your cat has received a Flea and Worming Treatment  prior to arrival.

FITNESS.  Cozycats reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of illness on admission. For the safety of other guests, cats suffering from an infection or are otherwise unfit cannot be accepted into the cattery.
Un neutered tom cats over 6 months cannot be accepted into the cattery as they increase the risk of infections.

INSURANCE.  During their stay and for 48 hours after departure, your cat will benefit from Pet Plan’s 5 star Insurance, covering Vet Fees up to £1500. Please note this does not cover Pre Existing conditions or certain treatments.

FOOD.  All food offered will be fresh and of good quality.

DEPOSIT.  A non refundable deposit of £20 is required for each booking. Provisional booking are held for 5 days. Once the deposit is received, your booking will be confirmed.

BOOKINGS.  The dates that are booked are the dates that will be charged. 

OPENING HOURS.  We ask that customers respect our business hours. Should you wish to come outside these hours a mutually convenient time may be arranged.

ARRIVALS.  Cats should be in suitable containers. No responsibility can be taken by Cozycats for the loss of any cat where this advice is not observed.
Cats will only be accepted for delivery and collection strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY between our opening hours, thus ensuring you and your cat receive my undivided attention. Should you wish to call at an earlier/later time/date than those confirmed, you are advised to phone the cattery first.
You are encouraged to introduce your cat to their chalet quarters and make them cosy and comfortable before leaving them with total peace of mind. 

PAYMENT.  Payment of all charges are accepted via Cash, Cards, Bank Transfer or Cheque.
Discounts are available for stays of more than 30 consecutive days .

EMERGENCY CONTACT.  I will require details of at least one person who will act as your Emergency Contact, should your cat fall ill. On arrival you are required to complete a Registration form and sign a Vet Authorisation form, so please allow 10 mins for this. 

HOME COMFORTS.  You can bring your cats bed or piece of bedding and any favourite toys etc if you wish to help your cat settle in. Familiar smells are comforting.

CANCELLATIONS.  I would appreciate early notice of any cancellation so I can re advertise the dates.